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Sound Solutions wants to help our customers in Winston Salem, NC with their car sound systems. It can be hard to decide exactly what you need, so we want to help. Here are 3 car sound system upgrades to consider today!

1. Speaker Upgrades

If you’re on a budget, purchasing new front speakers or component speakers is a great first step. Any type of quality aftermarket speakers is going to be a significant upgrade in sound from the ones included with your car at the factory.

You’ll choose from full-range coaxial speakers, or select individual component speakers, which are specifically designed to produce audio at a specific range of frequencies. Premium aftermarket speakers sound better and last longer because they’re made of higher quality materials.

2. Add an Amplifier

Amplifiers with speaker-level inputs will let you turn up the volume without distortion. Car amplifiers are designed to power your speakers effectively, so they can produce the clearest, car-filling sound they can. One with line-level inputs is alright too, but only if your new head unit (stereo) has preamp outputs. At Car Alarms Winston Salem NC we can help you sort out the details.

3. Add Some Bass

If your speakers lack the thumping, dynamic low frequency sounds you like, consider adding a subwoofer in the rear of your vehicle.

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