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As window tinting experts in Winston Salem, NC know, cleaning a car can be a chore. Working with cars every day and talking to customers, we’ve learned that there are many different ways to clean a car. Try these 3 tips to clean your car like an expert.

1. Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Handle Dust

Dust is often a problem. Some areas, like those in the desert, have more dust. A regular vacuuming can help with that problem. A good way to vacuum is to pull your vehicle out onto the driveway and remove seats. Seats and luggage can get in the way of vacuum cleaners. This is really true with a large utility vacuum. Having a friend help you move out luggage and seats is good as well.

2. Check The Filtration System for the Air Conditioner

NAPA has a good guide to fixing the air filter of your car. In an older car, there might be a leak or exhaust accidentally coming into the cabin. This can be dangerous for the health of the passengers in your vehicle. Carbon Monoxide is a deadly poisonous gas that car exhaust releases. Fixing the air conditioning system will help it not be a problem.

3. Wash Dirty Floor Mats

WikiHow recommends that regular cleaning of the floor mats of your vehicle is crucial to improving how your car looks. It is best to have rubber floor mats because other types of floor mats often cannot handle the wear and moisture that accumulates over time.

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